Test Tones for Tuning Your New Cerwin Vega Mobile System

Looking to get the most out of your system? Here are the Testing Tones you’re going to need to get the most out of your NEW or CURRENT Cerwin Vega Mobile System!

NOTE: YOUR GONNA NEED A O-SCOPE! Some may argue that they can tune a car with the ear, and there is no need for an O-scope. We don’t entirely disagree with the statement, but dyno tuners don’t play it by ear when it comes to tuning a car; they look at a graph. Seeing a signal is the way to go after matching power aka the amplifiers, with the correct speaker.

50HZ Test Tone                                           

1000HZ Test Tone

Polarity Test Tones

Pink Noise –  RTA is needed , perfect tool for DSP tuning !