H71000.2 – 2-Channel 1000W HED Series Amplifier w/ Bass Control Knob

• Latest High Efficiency Class A/B Technology
• Surface Mount Component Technology with 2-Layer PCB
• Compact Size with Ambient backlit logo
• RCA “Pass Thru” output for easy system expansion
• Fully Variable Crossovers (12dB per octave)
• Handles HI and LO level input to 12V
• 2 Ω Stable Stereo and 4Ω Mono (CH3/4) for 3 Ch mode
• Proprietary Vega Bass Boost EQ Up To 12dB
2-Channel / 150WX2@2Ω,100WX2@4Ω RMS,350X1@4Ω/1000W MAX