5 inchannel 1100W Micro Series Digital Amplifier

VCU85 - 5 inchannel 1100W Micro Series Digital Amplifier

VCU85 - 5 inchannel 1100W Micro Series Digital Amplifier

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VCU85 - 5-Channel 1100W Micro Series Digital Amplifier

VEGA series amplifiers have been the staple of the Cerwin-Vega Mobile brand. With its VEGA circuit bass remote delivering that signature Cerwin-Vega Mobile sound, VEGA series amplifiers have always been known to be disturbing the peace! It’s sleek and compact design makes installation seamless but don’t let its dimensions fool you as VEGA series amplifiers generate monstrous power output. Conformal-coated circuit boards keeps this amplifier series water resistant and ideal for outdoor weather use.


  • Updated High Efficiency Full Range Digital Topology
  • Enhanced Power IR Digital Chipset
  • Conformal-Coated 4-layer PCB
  • Remote Turn On Configurator - REM/DC/VOX
  • Boosted RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) Rejection
  • Compact Matching Heatsink Platform Dimensions
  • Accepts HI and LO Level Input Up To 12V
  • Water Resistan
More Information
Model VCU85
RMS Power Rating 950 W RMS
MAX Power Rating 1900W
RMS Power (4Ω) 80 W x 4 / 200 W x 1
RMS Bridge (mono 4Ω) 300 W x 2 / 200 W x 1
Types Full Range, Class D
Power Supply Full PWM
Power Supply (Threshold) 10.0DVC – 17.0DVC
Idle Current (0.7A)
Distortion - THD (1KHz@4Ω) (0.5%)
Distortion - S/N Ratio (A weight @ 1W) -85dBA
Distortion - S/N Ratio (A weight @ FP) -101.1dBA
Input Sensitivity - Hi/Low Input Level 200mV – 10.0V / 200mV – 10.0V
Input Impedance - Low Input Level 20 KΩ
Input Impedance - AUX Input Level 20 KΩ
Output Impedance 0.018 Ω
Damping Factor (50Hz@4Ω) >70
Bandwidth (-3dB) 10Hz-35KHz
Crossover (-12 dB/ Oct) Variable High-Pass Flat or Fixed 70Hz
Crossover (-12 dB/ Oct) Variable Low-Pass 40Hz-400Hz
Crossover (-12 dB/ Oct) Variable Sub-Sonic N/A
FUSE Ratings - ATC 60A
Dimension - Length x Width x Height - Inches(mm) 10.45 x 4.02 x 1.4 ( 265.6 x 102 x 36)
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